Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On the Art of Letting Go ... Sky Diving Can Be Fun

12 On Appreciating Deeper Processes - On the Art of Letting Go

EXPERIENCE has taught us
that the art of letting go requires us to:

• Identify and name the specific upset, problem, or conflict.

• Reflect upon it from our powerful inner lives.

• Talk about it with safe people (note—begin with: “This reminds me of . . .”). Ask those safe people for feedback.

• Name the core issues, talk about them some more, and ask for more feedback.

• Select, if necessary, an appropriate experiential technique. Use the technique to work on specific conflicts and feelings at a deeper level (regression, confrontation, etc.). Talk and write more about it.

• Meditate and pray on the subject (give God a chance to participate).

• Seriously consider, “how might I benefit from this entire experience of facing my demons?”

• If you still feel incomplete, repeat any or all of the above.

• Then, when you feel ready - let go! Skydiving can be fun.

Skydiving Can Be Fun
The emphasis is on

NDT: extracted from Experience Has Taught Us -- 175 Missing Pieces ... Bright Star Press ... available on ...

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