Friday, April 2, 2010

I Leaned on the Metaphorical Door

As I leaned on this Metaphorical Door I discovered that The Nature of this Journey is to reach more deeply into me, to search out what I have never examined before.

I also started to travel with others. We banded together ... well sort of. They were dealing with the same issues of awakening I was.

In this crowd of people I had bumped into was somebody who had been on the journey for sometime.

We hooked up ... He seemed to know his way... He had some interesting and helpful suggestions about making the journey. Basically what he said was follow me ... So I listened ... for the first time in my life ... I listened ... and I followed along ... sometimes reluctantly but I followed ...

First was to Journal. He told me the trick to the whole thing was to reflection upon the reflections. What the hell did that mean?

It is not so important what you learn ... what is important is your experience in the process of learning ... that is the important bit. He told me that if I did this deeper appreciation of the journey and became less concerned with the destination and who it was that I thought I was and then at the same time reached into the deeper places in me, then I Will Find More.

He got serious here ... he cautioned that it may not be the More I thought I would find, but what it will be the More that is the Necessary More. The Necessary More phrase puzzled me for a while but ... I learned something from my friend: I Learned that the Necessary Moree is the essense of the change and recovery process and it is an absolute necessity for me to see what it is that I had been blind to for most of my life.

The Necessary More will, in fact, be made up of lost bits and pieces, thoughts, memories and emotions that have gone on to form habits, insights, principles behaviours and all my defense strategies. They are the things that I had come to depend on, sometimes overtly but mostly covertly, sometimes in a healthy fashion, and sometimes not.

Self was now becoming An Interesting Place To Be.

So I leaned on The Door ... Ever So Slightly and It Opened ...

Am I Dreaming Now?

I’m not so sure that I know whether or not I am … whatever is happening to me seems to be both very real and very surreal, all at the same time.

Before me is that bridge … I had seen it so many times in my dreams and now I am standing right there before it.

Where will it take me?

NDT Extracted and adapted from Zen and the 5 Principles of the Journey ... Publisher Bright Star Canada ... Oh Yes thanks Larry B wherever you are ... smile

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