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What Does Having Faith Mean To You:

What Does Having Faith Mean To You:

Having faith in…
Faith has strange mystical qualities that aren’t readily noticeable at first. 
·                    Cannot think for itself.
·                    Does not have a consciousness.
·                    Will do what it does and go where it is directed by its beholder. 
·                    Will faithfully do whatever it is directed to do.  After all, that is its job. 
·                    Is blind.
So this business of having faith is as much a matter of where you place it, as it is a matter of having some.  This concept is important, for without the benefit of this puzzle piece in its proper place all can and will get lost for myriad lengths of time.
If you have faith in Something Unreal Or Unhealthy, you will feed the process within your ego that supports your lack of reality or your lack of health.  The simple yet often missed constant in the universe is: The Source Of The Universe, The Creator Is In Everything.  Everything that we think, everyplace we go, in all the places we can’t go, taking sides with those who are seemingly against us, in places and situations that are unfathomable, in conditions that are unimaginable and in a fashion that is impossible to relate to, but the creator is in all.

All that is, all that was and all that will be; it is indivisible ... it can’t be reduced or increased ... it is simply all ... and we are a portion of all ... the smallest cog in the wheel of life.   Not separate from but a part of ... and that the ego cannot readily accept ... in fact if there is a purpose for being here that was it ... Getting the Ego to come to terms with it is a part of all that is and not a separate segregated self unto itself ... Now perception comes into play ... this is not about what I see, this is about how I look.