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Principles of Returning Cycles

Principles of Returning Cycles
It is actually, I suspect a universal law.  The practice of returning cycles involves the means and the manner of giving and receiving with spiritual growth as both a consideration and an outcome.  What a concept.
We Get From Life What We Give Or We Reap What We Sow.
This is true enough on a regular plane of existence.  But I want more than just the commonplace or boring aspects of life.   I want a sense of connectedness with all that is; a place for me in this entire sequence of events called life that I know has meaning for me, I want something or someplace that for some reason is not full of ulterior motives or me attempting to be someone for someone else or me having to have something at the expense of someone else or myself. 
·        As I realize this, something stirs deep within me and I know clearly what I must give back to That which gives me life. 
·        I know that I have to give back what I received from life and more importantly I know that I have to give back what I took in moments of simple unadulterated selfishness. 
·        I know I must give back more then I received through either process.
·        I also know that this is not about equality or balancing old debts, for the business of balancing old debts in my mind is a cycle that creates a never ending feed-back-loop that seems to lead to salvation but simply runs me ragged. 
·        I now know that to find myself, I must add my potential, my character and my talents to the mix of things offered. I must then pass it all back to the universe, (That Which Gave Me Life), so that whomever it is that follows along in my footsteps on this path will have just the slightest bit more to work with then I did. This may be my son, my daughter, my partner, my neighbor and yes even someone I don’t know and never will meet. 
Imagine that, an unselfish act made by a very selfish soul while in search of self-fulfillment and self-actualization.  A lot of self(s) in that sentence! 
As I offer a returning cycle back to the universe I find my pride.  My sense of self!
Thus a returning cycle is not a punishment but it is the restoration to and of some social structure or form that is now enhanced by my effort rather than denigrated by my resentment.

It was observed many years ago that if mankind lived according to the principal of returning cycles, then many of the rules and laws that man has to utilize to protect himself from other men, would no longer be necessary.