Wednesday, August 8, 2012

There is a Place
There is a place in my deeper mind... It is an imagined place ... but at the same time it is very real for me; it is just not in the here and now. It is slightly removed from the reality of my terrible dailyness. The oddity is, this place is profoundly influential on all the variations and levels of my world. It influences over how I think, how and what I see, what I imagine others are doing ... etc ... and this list is very long.
It is a magical place ... it is a quiet place. It is a place where the lower order of things from within me meets up with the higher order of things. It has a visual, for me: a stream, a rock wall, a hill that goes up from the stream and well past the wall, a very clear blue summer’s afternoon sky. There is an oak tree that stands just near the edge of the wall.  I go there in my mind’s eye to be with my God, and sit under the tree by the stream and feel the warmth of the summer’s afternoon’s sun on every cell every fiber every tissue of my being. I go there to replenish myself from the rigors of being me.
I was there one day just sitting there under the tree by the stream, feeling the warmth of the sun on my body when I thought to ask a question.  Just offer it out into the ethers and see what happens.  So I did, “What is a spiritual being?” simple question. Then from all around me I could feel this deep presence. I was enveloped ... Something like fish discovering water ... I mean suddenly I knew I was not alone. Something very real was now with me:
“Butterflies are spiritual ... as are snakes ... spiders and whales ...”
I did not hear this ... it was more that I felt this ... there was no voice ... but the reply was profound...
“A spiritual being is an awakened being.”
Again I felt that ... it was like I was immersed in this great pool of information and I was becoming more aware of it as I simply sat there and became more relaxed ... then I simply felt things that came to me:
Spirit is honorable ... it has strength, determination and perseverance.
It is magical and optimistic, wise and powerful.
It reveals itself in silence not in grandiosity.

Spirit can appreciate both inner and outer beauty.
It knows who you really are.
It is dedicated to the sacredness of all life.
It loves to live life fully.

Spirit is unwavering in its quest for the Infinite.
It is respectful.
It will commit to worthiness.
It can let go of what is no longer useful, or necessary.

Spirit is compassionate.
It possesses the will to walk away from Egotistical self-made Delusions.
It is willing to trust and surrender into the Great Way of Things.
It has extraordinary vision and clarity.

Spirit faces fear(s) head on.
Spirit truly believes ...
It has faith and knows how to apply it.
I absorbed this on that afternoon ... the other thing that came to mind was that it was always there all I had to do was ask ... then listen ... absorb ... that was a lesson in and of itself, so much to absorb. Now the task was what do I do with all this stuff? ... I had asked another question:
“Experiment With Your Life, Live Life As Fully As You Can!
I gave you this gift of life; it is yours to do as you please,
I shall return for you when your time is done.”
Then it all subsided as quietly as it came upon me and I was left with me sitting under the tree by a mystical stream in a quiet place in my mind.