Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Here Is An Interesting Fact Of Life

Here Is An Interesting Fact Of Life
For me to touch them … they have to be touching me. 
Most people never notice this one.
For my life to be focused and centered in reality … and in reality is the key word phrase here … I had to be real.  So it follows if I am to be real:
If I can come in contact with them … and conversely … they with me … I have to consider that I might not be destroyed by the contact with them.
My conundrum was that I was afraid … I was hiding … I was hiding in plain sight deep inside my own skin. The real me was far below the surface of my metaphorical pond … holding its breath, hiding in the depths, while appearing to be somebody, anybody at the surface …
Now here is my problem, if I wanted to have the life I said I always wanted to have, I had to at least come to the surface where the skin meets the air and be present and accountable for a period of time. 

Being Real Counts
Anywhere It Happens
… But When It Happens
Where The Skin Meets The Air...
That Is Profound
Extracted from Into the Light ... Neil Douglas-Tubb

Saturday, January 14, 2017

A truth once gained


A truth once gained is the loss of innocence.
The processes of self-inflicted denial and delusion are like old, warm, woolly sweaters that we wore to protect us from the cold, harsh, hostile world we live in.  When the truth is revealed for what it really is, those old familiar sweaters can never go back on over our souls and fit properly as they once did.
The innocence of our childlike ignorance is lost the moment we come to understand that we do not rule the universe or any of its inhabitants, no matter how hard we might try. 
Much of the human condition of suffering hangs on seeing or not seeing this simple truth; for suffering is a state of mind, not a condition of existence.
To begin a soul-searching journey is to begin to take our rightful place in this universe. There are requirements, one of which is that we must come to terms with this simple truth or forever be bonded to a hell of our own making. 
Freedom from the bonds of our past is freedom from the bonds of our own way of thinking. Thus, freedom from the prison of our own minds is freedom from the process of resistance, from a demon called against. 
The walls of the prison of our own minds and all the processes contained therein are always made up of us against something. 
Our very survival seems to be at stake.
This process is always filled with resistance and deep-seated fear.
Experience Has Taught Me

As I Give Over My Need To Be Against, My Need To Hide, Then I Will Naturally Merge With All That Is … The Way Of Things …

Extracted from EHTU-175 ... #1
Neil Douglas-Tubb (RCC)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


You Can Hang On To All The Old Ways of Doing Things. The Essence of That Is: To Give Your Allegiance Over To Teaching And Re- Enforcing Fear ...
Start The Process Of Letting Go. 
By Doing So ... 

It Follows Naturally That You Will Begin To Teach And Re-Enforce The Concept Of Self- Love.
Remember This
It's Only A Process And It Undoes Years Of Training.

Into the Light (Neil Douglas-Tubb (RCC)