Tuesday, July 26, 2016

On Appreciating Deeper Processes Sadness

On Appreciating Deeper Processes Sadness
You can't do the healing without having the feelings; you can't do the leaving until you complete the grieving.
I have discovered that sadness has a place in my life … it has a job … it belongs … never would have considered that before.
It lets you know that the old is passing … it helps to make way for the new … whatever that is.
It is the Creator’s way to house clean I suppose … most of us in our various childhoods balked at some time or other at having to clean our rooms … it was seen as a hurtful, mean thing to have to do … and now in the childhood of our spiritual awakening we balk at the process of the spiritual house cleaning  … the business of nurturing for the soul because that too seems to be a hurtful thing to do.  Now I know how weeds feel in the garden as they watch my wife approach with a spade in her hand.
It may be hurtful but
Pain is not bad … it is just painful …
It lets me know that my Creator is tiding up a bit … getting me ready for whatever is next … there are days when I wish(ed) sincerely and most deeply that He wasn’t so vigorous in His endeavors to tidy things up in me … 
Sometimes I just have to do what it is that needs to be done

… No Matter What I Think …

Neil Douglas-Tubb(RCC)
Zen and the Art of Lost and Found

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

25 The Process, Zen and the Art of Lost and Found

Zen and the Art of Lost and Found
On Appreciating Deeper Processes  
The Process:
This process has us involved with a quieter undercurrent of examin­ing the value of stepping outside of ourselves and our beliefs and their related support systems and re-perceiving some of the problems we are facing or have faced.  Have you noticed … yet?

Many of us today make a simple mistake in logic.
The assumption is: the world is merely a projection of “my mind”, then it follows logically … that whatever is in “my mind” is projected out and manifested in the world before me
This is said by some to be a Higher Power at work(?)
But … and this but is largebut … in actual fact this is confusion at work.  It is the confusion of the mind with the body … Confusion is said to be a defence strategy… it prevents the observer from seeing the obvious… the obvious we don’t want to see or can’t face. 
The life drama or our circumstance … the stuff that swirls all around us … personally … is not just a projection of our simple, segregated, separate mind or single brain … it is a composite of All in the cosmic sense … it is a composite of opportunity… it is there for us to grasp or avoid … whichever it is that you choose to do with it.
For us to believe that we as an individual created all this … alone … that one would be … and actually is … a form of arrogance not ignorance … Egotistical arrogance.
Spiritually speaking … our minds are of the Creator … this means, loosely translated, that our true mind or true self is a part of God and a part of Love … but not in a secular sense.
If we equate our true mind/self with our (body’s) brain and our bodily wants and desires then the next jump in logic is to the assumption … of … whatever it is that we think we want is indeed a fact and that is closely followed by facts become necessities … we actually believe that … and thus it follows that once we believe it … then … we actually know it is so and consequently then can act on it … comfortably.
It follows that our mind’s power can and will be used to justify the manipulation of life’s circumstance for the purpose of the acquisition of those things that the body and the brain thinks we so desperately need … EGO is in there someplace … those things that we hang-on to just for our supposed sanity … our wants and desires … understanding this spiritual hic–up can be profound. 
It should be noted that Christ sought no benefit or advantage for his body … the effects of his miracles was simple … they were designed to set those that were touched into action … on the road of a spiritual journey … not the road of favourable treatment and acquisitions.

So …

Neil Douglas-Tubb
Zen and the Art of Lost and Found

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

23 and a Half, Zen and the Art of Lost and Found

23 and a Half
Zen and the Art of Lost and Found
Secrets, Melodrama And Misdirection Are Our Livelihood

Secrets and Melodrama are our livelihood, they are our stock and trade. We are good at manufacturing them and we are good at keeping them and we are good at misdirecting others away from the truth so the truth won’t be noticed and so we can safeguard our own little world.  We are good at demanding that others adhere to our need for them to keep our secrets, because we know that without them keeping our secrets … none of the melodrama that we believe we so desperately need … would exist … really. 
Secrets, Melodrama And Misdirection Are Almost Like Substance That We Abuse.
All this need for secrecy and melodrama is fostered by our sense of low self-esteem.  Secrecy and melodrama is the evidence that we are not in denial, that we are, in fact, in delusion. 
Denial is said to be a place in our consciousness where we know what the truth is and we simply won’t admit it out loud to anyone.  Whereas: delusion is a place in our consciousness where we really believe our own melodrama …it’s real as far as we are concerned …thus the need for secrecy and melodrama. 
It Is A Form Of Denial We Really Believe.
We hide behind our phoniness, our social images, our bodily images and we hope against hope that we really can beguile people into believing our fantasy as real. 
It follows that the basis for most if not all of our relationships is:
I’ll believe you are who you think you are, if you believe I am who it is that I believe I am. 
Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that we only fool and trick ourselves, and the intrinsic problem seemingly lost in all this is; we can only do that trick and fool thing for short periods in time before we begin to do serious damage to ourselves.  The only ones who are seemingly deceived by our antics are those who have a vested interest in not being found out for themselves; not being found out so their world maintains the impression … delusion … of being safe … for them, and they are in the role they say they are and thus feel safe.  That does not mean safe by the way, the key word phrase in that sentence is Feels Safe.
You see the problem don’t you?