Tuesday, July 26, 2016

On Appreciating Deeper Processes Sadness

On Appreciating Deeper Processes Sadness
You can't do the healing without having the feelings; you can't do the leaving until you complete the grieving.
I have discovered that sadness has a place in my life … it has a job … it belongs … never would have considered that before.
It lets you know that the old is passing … it helps to make way for the new … whatever that is.
It is the Creator’s way to house clean I suppose … most of us in our various childhoods balked at some time or other at having to clean our rooms … it was seen as a hurtful, mean thing to have to do … and now in the childhood of our spiritual awakening we balk at the process of the spiritual house cleaning  … the business of nurturing for the soul because that too seems to be a hurtful thing to do.  Now I know how weeds feel in the garden as they watch my wife approach with a spade in her hand.
It may be hurtful but
Pain is not bad … it is just painful …
It lets me know that my Creator is tiding up a bit … getting me ready for whatever is next … there are days when I wish(ed) sincerely and most deeply that He wasn’t so vigorous in His endeavors to tidy things up in me … 
Sometimes I just have to do what it is that needs to be done

… No Matter What I Think …

Neil Douglas-Tubb(RCC)
Zen and the Art of Lost and Found

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