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The Essence of the Change and Recovery Process - Extracted From Experience Has Taught Us - 175 Missing Pieces

52 On Seeing Simple Truths ... Into Blind Spots

EXPERIENCE has taught us that the essence of the change and recovery process is the absolute necessity of seeing what it is that we have been blind to most of our lives.

There are many reasons for this.

Those people who work almost exclusively with recovery in treatment centers have found that, before individuals are really stable enough to be placed back in the real world and make it, they must in some way come to terms with the hidden demons they carry. That does not necessarily mean coming to a resolution, but simply acknowledging reality as it is.

Seeing What I Am Blind To

53 On Seeing Simple Truths ... Into Blind Spots

EXPERIENCE has taught us that: Working a program or a process someone else’s way rather than our own way, and Following and demonstrating discipline (which has its roots in discipleship) to a place where we have actually sat down with another living, breathing, human being in the presence of our Maker and revealed all, creates that opportunity to begin to notice that:

(A) We Have Blind Spots
(B) There Is Something In Them
(C) Whatever Is In Those Blind Spots May Be A Major Contributing Factor To Our Experience Of Life Being Unpleasant.

54 On Seeing Simple Truths ... Into Blind Spots

EXPERIENCE has taught us that the comprehension of the ins and outs of the recovery process derives from the premise of the hidden demons running the show, and that any or all hope of change and/or recovery is lost on the unhealthy dependence upon what we know.

Know this; recovery is subjective, not objective.

It is the appreciation of the experience, not the knowledge of what the experience was, or is, or is supposed to be.

Wisdom arises out of an experience with, not the spectator’s understanding of, the experience. The understanding of an experience can flow naturally from the experience of with. There is a natural order to this, and the secret is being a participant rather than a spectator.

If we cannot see into our own blind spots, it follows that we cannot see the real monsters that control our lives.

In healing and recovery we cannot see while we are busy sitting on our backsides. Only by becoming pro-active in our own processes do we get to see into our blind spots.

Statement Of Truth: I Can’t Make Things Different By Keeping Them The Same

55 On Seeing Simple Truths ... Into Blind Spots

EXPERIENCE has taught us that the very nature of the recovery process is to get to a place where things are seen and experienced differently. A place where we can allow Spirit to become a willing part of our internal process of integration and healing.

The very definition of therapy is to make the unknown known, thus returning choice to the individual.

A Course in Miracles defines a miracle as something that releases the past in the present and gives us back our future.

Within the therapeutic context this “miraculous” definition of healing is also the working definition of grief.

Every Problem Is A Spiritual Problem
Every Solution Is A Spiritual Solution

NDT ...Extracted From Experience Has Taught Us - 175 Missing Pieces --- Bright Star Press ...Victoria BC Second edition available via Amazon.com

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