Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happiness and Perception --- the Premise

How we see the world and what really happens in the world are often two different things.

Our perceptions about what and how we think we see and how and what we believe we experience are actually formed by a multitude of happens that most of us are totally unaware of:

(a) Our perception and interpretation of those perceptions seems to be result of or the outcome(s) of many minuscule forces interacting with each other and on each other in a myriad number of ways that can lead into forming what I call events-sequences. These event-sequences themselves act interact with each other to form perceptive imagery and eventually opinion and opinion can stack up and move us into action or a series of actions.

(b) There seems to be a hierarchy to this entire process and the sequencing aspects seems to be most important.

(c) It also seems to be a quadratic process and not (necessarily) a linear process although it can be in simple interchanges.

The vast majority of events happen at levels of awareness that William James’ work would suggest as other then normal waking consciousness perceptions or in the unconscious mind.

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