Saturday, April 3, 2010

INTO THE LIGHT --- The Author’s forward

This is my tenth attempt at penning to paper my thoughts that accompanied me on my journey. This effort is really a twenty nine (29) or so year effort and overview of what I had to do (for me) to sort things through. So I could get on with me being me. Hopefully it will provide the opportunity for others to do the same for themselves.

What I needed to learn about ... was the monster that consumed me in a covert sort of a way. It consumes people who don’t even know they are being consumed. Most are too busy struggling with the symptoms to really notice what the hell they are up against or for that matter, knowing what it is that is really happening to them.

One of the symptoms of the disease is that it often tells the beholder of the disorder that they are perfectly fine, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Alcoholics and Addicts are the best/worst examples of this concept.

Codependency is an ugly thing. It respects no one, not social class, financial status, security, skin colour nor gender. One sure signs that this is alive and operating in someone’s life is they will often profess loudly “Not Me, No I Won’t, It Won’t Happen to Me, I Don’t Have A Problem.”

The Best Working Definition of Codependency is: I live my life adjusting to someone else's problems ... and those adjustments I've made so I could survive being me are now killing me, sometimes slowly and in some cases very quickly.

It consumes people’s lives ... it has so many faces that it is hard not to be confronted by it everywhere you turn.

This book is about what you do with it because if you don’t it will do something with you.

Every addict /alcoholic is a co-dependent but not every co-dependent is an addict/alcoholic.

It is a soul robbing thing.

NDT ... extracted from the soon to be published ... INTO THE LIGHT ... Bright Star Press ...


  1. Hi Neil,

    I connected with this reading. The line "I live my life adjusting to someone else's problem..." spoke to me. Honestly, today, after working recovery with you for two years, I can say that I do not do this anymore. I am too busy with my self care. Thanks for your inspiring messages and reminders.


  2. You are welcome ... believe me it is my pleasure