Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Essence of Life is;

The essence of life is change.

Elect life, and you naturally elect change ... the prospect of fear or death ... having to face your worst fear. If a person has decided that because of some incident(s) in their life that for the duration of their life they are going to avoid that situation ... experience or feeling, then life becomes very narrow. In fact to do so is to sacrifice life itself.

In the very effort of avoiding that experience, presumably the one that hurt so soulfully, one has to avoid both growth and change.

To elect a life of sameness, free from the new, the spontaneous, the unpredictable, the unexpected, is to try and live life without challenge or risk. Scott Peck points out that what lies at the heart of all mental and emotional disease is “our” attempt to avoid “our” legitimate suffering. Age or social status or gender does not matter, because “the very effort to avoid what must be faced is at the root of all neurosis”.

It seems that “the trick” to the whole thing is to develop a working relationship with the fear or IT. Let IT sit on your left shoulder so to speak, and be of “wise counsel”.

If I can have the facility of truly appreciating my mortality; knowing that my life is limited, then maybe my need to procrastinate may step aside and I can get on with living my life to the fullest each and every day, but if I think I can pretend that my life is fine or eternal, and I think I can pretend that I can put off until tomorrow what needs to be done today, then that turns into a moment of dying for the soul, and oddly enough, is one of the very things I have been trying to avoid by my procrastination.

No one said that having this IT “sitting on my shoulder” was not scary, it is, but at least then I know, and I can motivate me to get on with the rest of my life. So having this thing sit on my shoulder is really me acknowledging that all life represents risk. Odd thing is that the more loving I become with myself and life the more risks I will naturally take.

Here is the biggest risk anyone can take; is the stepping or leaping blindly from childhood into adulthood.

STATEMENT OF FACT: Know this; the vast majority of people who appear to be in adult bodies are in fact those who have not, nor do they intend to, make the jump to adulthood because of fear. They do not know how to muster the power to make the emotional and psychological break from their parents and the power that their parents had over them.

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