Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Macaroni and Cheese .....Safe Life Styles

I had some people in my office the other day and I had to wonder if the Road Less Travelled is Less Travelled for a lot of good reasons.

There are times when people are trying to, at the best of their ability, to put a relationship together and at the same time, not get hurt like they did the last time they attempted to have a relationship ... Oh how the Ghost of Xmas Past Haunts even the strongest of wills.

I for one have no idea how you do that ... that is have a relationship and stay safe ... that simply can not happen ... it doesn't work that way ... Life and love is about risk taking ... so it follows that if I am not going to put my effort into taking the risk rather I put all my effort and energy into trying to stay safe ... then the futility of the interaction will over take me and consume me ... and that seems to be the Ways of Things

I do believe that the finer tastes and flavours of life are lost on the macaroni and cheese life style I choose to live ... just to stay safe.

It seems that people who do this macaroni and cheese safe thing are consigned to their fate of repeating the old ... and living the humdrum ... with no idea that it is them that set it up ... it is them that is the root cause and they actually have the power to do something about it ... if they would wake up to the fact that this life they are having is theirs and it is theirs to do something with ...

It is not some miss fortune that is happening ... Its Life ... try having it ...

171 On Creation and Spiritual Awakening and Acumen
EXPERIENCE has taught us that having faith that something we could not conceive of would actually help, if only we asked for help. Something we could not even imagine would help us if we asked, and then us seriously considering working with It.

Having faith in something other than just us.

Fascinating concept when we stop and think about it.

Other Than Just Me!

172 On Creation and Spiritual Awakening and Acumen
EXPERIENCE has taught us that to grow we have to break out of the mould we built to save us from a world we thought would destroy us. We have to come back out into the place we considered so dangerous that it terrorized us.

No longer that lost soul hiding inside trying to grasp at straws and pieces of life’s experience as they drifted by the entrance to our cave.

No longer trying to force the world and what it represents to us into the cubby holes of our minds for safe storage and for our own personal consumption later on, whenever that is.

No Longer At Odds With Everything

NDT notes to myself after a difficult session and extracts from Experience Has Taught Us-175 Missing Pieces published by Bright Star Press and available on

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