Friday, April 30, 2010

Quaker (RIP) ... A Very Good Friend

Quaker passed to day ... actually about an hour ago ... He is Lynne's Dog ... but my friend ... He was John D's very good friend too ... Quaker was glued to Lynne for all the time that I have known her and him ... The two of them were nearly in separatable ... He stuck it out with her when life was deep and dark. There were times that she needed to be else where and I know that the two of them pined for each other ... deeply.

He died peacefully this morning ... in his bed beside ours ...

He loved traveling in the Car ... He loved ice cream and particularily he loved kittens ... to be able to play with them ... in his own little way ... He could fart like there was no tomorrow and he was always the best company. He could speak with his eyes.

He was named because on the day that the question of what should he be called arose there was a mild earth quake at that very moment and thus Quaker ...

His health was alway in question, apparently the runt of the litter. The vet warned Lynne long before I was on the scene that his days were numbered... Well the Vet did not know that Quaker could count or for that matter so high. So instead of a year or two he lived to the ripe old age of 15 years ...

I smile at this but he used to be able to sing tunes ... happy birthday to be exact ... ask Lynne ... then he lost his voice for a period of time and towards the end when he lost his mobility he found his voice again to let us know what he needed and right now ... :-)

I for one will really miss him ... I know that Lynne does and John D does too ... and if I seriously looked into the list of who loved him and who will miss him it is very length ... Janice, and Dixie and and and ...

Bye my Buddy



  1. I am sooooh sorry to hear of Quakers passing! I will miss him too. He had the sweetest eyes and melt my heart from the first I ever met him. Lynne, Neil, my heart is with you. He was the luckiest dog in the world, as is any pet that finds their way into your home and and your heart. I send my love to you both, and to Prescious and Somebody, who I am sure both miss him too. He is heaven now, healthy without pain, or medication, running and jumping and playing with kitties and farting the sweetest farts ever, like roses I am sure.
    Anne Manera xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxox

  2. Hi Neil and Lynne,

    I am sorry for your loss. Quaker's presence at group sessions was a blessing for me. Who could not love that adorable face!
    You are in my thoughts and prayers at this time of sadness.
    I have a book called "Goodbye, Dear Friend' by Virginia Ironside. If you feel it may be of some comfort for you, let me know.

    Take care.

    Love, S.B.