Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Most Important Thing(s) I Have Learned So Far

The most important thing I have learned in doing my life and paying attention as I did it is:

When I come to the edge of my known universe, when I come to the end of where the light shines for me. It is from this point on that I have to be a risk taker. It’s when I have to go blindly off into something or someplace I have never seen or been before. Of course the alternative is possible. I can shrink away from moving forward—I can shrink away from exploring God’s Gift.

What I have discovered is: when I step off into my darkness and it is the darkness of my unknown, it is then that I grow. It is then that I come to know. It is then that I notice the light.

God Will Either
Provide Something Solid For Me To Stand On
When I Step Out Into My Unknown
... Or ...
I Will Be Taught How To Both
Build Wings And To Fly
On the Way Down

NDT: extracted from the soon to be published ... INTO THE LIGHT ... Bright Star Press ... I have no idea where this thought came from ... it is not mine ... It arrive on my desk one time in one of those emails that people pass around but for me it was profound and I never let go of the thought ...

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