Friday, April 2, 2010

(Second) On the Subjects of Trust and Pursuit of Accuracy

Some people accept what is told to them as long as they feel they are gaining something.

They are complacent.

They tend to trust the word of so-called professionals, or those with more education, experience or notoriety than themselves. Instead of learning what they can about the subject, they simply swallow what is fed to them.

Some call this trust when, in fact, it is gullibility.

Trust is earned, not assumed.

Others take the time and make the effort to explore the validity and the authenticity of information on subjects with which they are not familiar.

This is not a matter of distrust.

It is simply confirming the accuracy of information that affects them, when the subject is out of the range of their own knowledge.

If Jack is offended by Jill verifying his information, Jack likely lacks confidence in the accuracy of his information.

NDT: This was written by my friend C.D. (Carol who travels in Ruby)it came from her journaling ... but we ... she and I ... used her 5 principles as the base line for Zen and the Art of the 5 Principles ... published by Bright Star Canada

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