Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On Spiritual Recovery

The Spiritual Recovery process has some very predictable “need to’s” in it.

I caution here; there is a difference between “want to’s” and “need to’s” and the vast majority of us tend to lean on the side of “want to’s” until our life becomes so unmanageable and painful that ... we’ll do anything, even do the "need to’s” just to get by.

Need to’s” become a very important term in the process, they are the grandchildren of things that got missed in early childhood. In the Spiritual Recovery process if you forget or miss or don’t honour them, then it may seem that all is for naught. All sorts of things happen. Anxiety, anger, fear, neurotic behaviors, phobias, various addictions can and do kick up and we go out as it is termed and do research or whatever the current buzz phrase is for acting out. The list is quite extensive.

There is a particular ordering in the acquiring of these "need to’s” and it is likely to be different for each of us. It really does not matter how we got them, but it does seem to matter how we process them.

I.e., in the various literature sources for 12 Steps it is pointed out that not until the steps are done and done in order and done thoroughly will results happen ... this is true for whatever the approach you choose to try:

It is something like trauma first aid. It does not matter how the injury was caused, but it matters immensely how the patient is treated and in what order the treatment is applied.
If the proper treatment follows the 3 B’s –
Breathing, Bleeding, and Broken.
Then following the proper order tends to keep the patient alive.
Of course there are exceptions, and it is understood that no rule is fixed.
... But ...
It is a simple pattern and it works.

Occam’s Razor

NDT ... this is a handout for group on the week of 6th April ...

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