Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What to do With Hope ... !

There is a Way I Can Go ...
Hope will lead the way

Hope is a quality which is found in the stories of peoples' lives and is less found in the counting and measuring which happens in traditional research. Our news media draws us to the tragedies of life but we as individuals have the choice to look in another direction.

Hope is shared amongst us all.

It is a universal human experience which brings us together in our diversity and at the same time is a personal experience which shows differently for everyone.

It is a complex human quality which:

  • -is rooted in our past experiences; 

  • -has an orientation to the future; 

  • -is expressed in how we live today.
 What are the qualities of a hopeful person?
• A hopeful person is someone who lives in the here and now; who lives today and is proactive;

• A hopeful person is someone who has a dream; who has expectations of more; who doesn't settle for limitations but looks for opportunities, A hopeful person is willing to take risks; to light that one candle to dispel some of the darkness,
• A hopeful person is willing to fail and recognizes that hope is a day by day process;
• A hopeful person does this all with a certain sense of humour.

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  1. I Hope Somebody else comments on Hope :)

    Being an eternal optimist, I still today, as I used to as a little boy, go to sleep believing that tomorrow will be even better than today has been. There is a lot less dillusion these days; I just have this inate belief that after a good nights sleep I will bring a fresh and new perspective to the challlenges before me. So, I would say that I live with hope, others might say I'm still a little dillusional. :)

    Live Passionately, Love Deeply, Laugh Often.