Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Law of Entropy

It both takes time and wastes it at the same time.

The law of entropy in a spiritual / psychological sense hails from the second law of thermodynamics, and along with the first law of thermodynamics comprise the most fundamental laws of physics and oddly enough of family systems dynamics ...

Entropy is the Law of Disorder and its Maintenance ... Basically Entropy is simple to describe and explain qualitatively. ... It is the measure of just how organized or disorganized a system is ... but here is the qualifier from a family systems dynamic point of view ... Entropy Resists Change From Within The System It Rests In ... sometimes with a surprising and devastating force.

M Scott Peck simply defined it as laziness. (See page 271 Road Less Travelled)

Entropy Is That Force That We Have To Overcome To Move Forward: Spiritually, Emotionally, Psychologically, and Physically.

A Truth Revealed: Spiritual Entropy Is Loves Opposite...

Sin” is defined in A Course In Miracles as simply the Absence of Love.

So it follows that Spiritual Growth is effortful and the very nature of our lives and their circumstances remind us of this every moment of every day.

Just Do It
... Difficult ...
But Necessary

NDT this one took a long time to figure out then once I did I had to figure out how not to do it and get on with actually doing what I needed to do ...

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  1. Yes, this post helped me a great deal this morning. It supports the concept of the shadow by Carl Jung. All things have a shadow, the larger the capacity for love in a person the shadow, entropy, is matched in strength.