Thursday, May 13, 2010

“A Response” Not “A Reactivity”

Freedom of Choice is “A Response” Not “A Reactivity”

Freedom of Choice is the best gift God gave you. Why? It allows you to be able to learn how to cope with life on life’s terms. Now you have to do something with it!

Only when you are no longer lost in the tangle of your early childhood scripting can Freedom of Choice be your decision. This opportunity usually comes after your own close examination of all the things, (people, memories, events and attachments) that you clutch onto just to maintain your identity, then quietly letting go of those (false) beliefs developed by those things you examined. Those things that keep you from being in that place where Free Will and Freedom of Choice is your real option...

When you have Free Will then there is only one choice you can make ... Spirit ... God. When ego is no longer involved ... finally I am part of all that is ... I have a place in the universe ... where I belong ... now the only choice is love, joy and happiness.

If you don’t or can’t or won’t make that choice ... then you don’t have Free Will. What you do have is Will Power and some of us are very wilful. We think we can and so therefore we do. That is seen to be a path to fulfilment, love and happiness ... but it is not. It is the Will feeding on itself. Thus the business of round pegs, square holes larger mallets don’t work ... but lord knows I tried ... if this becomes the way of things ... then futility rules the day ... Most notice sooner and later that it doesn’t work.

It is possible to recover your Free Will ... It is not difficult to do, but if you believe it is difficult, then it is. Simple Check List: if the relationships in your life are not working well ... if obsession, addictions or compulsions dictate how you must be or what you can do, then Free Will is missing. Ask yourself: What am I contributing to the dysfunction in my life and the lives of others around me. Who or what I am trying to control or blame for all this dysfunction? How has this become the focus of my life? What can I not talk about and how is that eating me up.

Who or what don’t I trust and why is that of utmost importance to me? And am I conducting the war between the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s? ... or ... Am I running an ongoing guerrilla war against the ghost of Christmas past? ...

These are egotistical defence strategies from childhood ... they are part of a much larger list that stands between you and you finding happiness as a destination.

NDT: The pervasive nature of our childhood scripting tends to lead us to toward self destructive behaviour ... simply by its nature ...

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