Friday, May 7, 2010

Are The Animals At The Zoo?

Pretty dresses, lacy dresses, little black shoes,
Seeing faces, alter spaces,

Now just who is who?

Switching places, trading places
Isn't it nice for you?

Running races, hiding places,
The monster will always get you.

Baby faces, crying faces,
Now what's the matter with you?

Secret places, dirty places
Are the animals at the zoo?

Anger crazes, heartbeat races,
Yes something’s wrong with you!

Horror traces, nasty cases,
You’re very naughty too.

My sweet baby, special baby
Yes, your sister too.

I have got you really got you,
Now what will you do?

Frozen solid numbness crawling,
What can you really do?

Dark and thick, heavy and sick,
Come on, you like it too.

Flying upward, freedoms skyward,
I'm not here with you.

Cursed response, traitors response
There is no escape for you.

Shame spawning, anger dawning,
I really do love you

Some expressing, fear repressing,
Will I ever forgive you?

Turn it inwards, pay the price,
What punishment will do.

Curly locks, coloured socks,
My God, What did I do?

Cutting stares, transparent terrors
You can't see can you?

Watchful eyes, angry eyes,
I don't know what to do.

Telling lies, apple pies,
I didn't want it too.

Piano keys, I want to please
Tell me what to do.

Chilling night, lonely night,
I'm dark and empty too.

Battle grounds, fearful sounds
Is your flesh crawling too?

Angry striking, love protecting,
I didn't mean to hurt you too,

How I love you, really love you,
There’s no one we can turn to.

Let’s make a deal, it won't be real,
If we forget and wish it not be true.

Misty memories, distant memories,
Just an inner dulling ache.

Dreamless nights, horror nights
How we have paid the price.

Hold your head high, the proud don't cry,
They won't know the reason why,

I believe you, you believe me,
Honest, I don't think they can see.

Life's not fair, why should I care,
What anyone thinks of me.

Trying so hard, wishing so hard
Will I ever be good enough?

Push it down, keep it down,
I really am quite tough,

I really wonder, if in the thunder,
Lie the secrets of life.

Something missing, rain is hissing
Will I ever get it right?

Inner torment, aching torrent,
I really hate this game called life.

Memories flashing, feelings gashing
Is there any end to strife?

Will Prince Charming, quite alarming
Come and make me his wife?

Stupid wishes, there are no kisses
That can remove this twisting knife.

Desperate hoping, ardent wishing,
I just want to enjoy life.

Chaotic days, lonely nights,
I see no end in sight.

Eternal pain, no fucking gain
It seems a hopeless fight.

Constant struggle, learn to juggle,
Should I end it all tonight?

There is no use, ironic universe
Instant return to make it right.

Some how cruel, this constant duel,
And painful came that we call life

Are lessons learned, anything earned?
Or is it all just useless strife?


NDT: I deposited a copy of Are All The Animals In The Zoo in K-B's grave beside the urn that held her remains.

Extracted from Experience Has Taught Us: Searching for the Willingness to Change Bright Star press ... available on

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