Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Judge

To be in a place of judgement ... Judging ... The Judge ... one has to consider themselves superior over those who are being judged.

When you are in a place of self-judgement then your house is divided against itself. That, oddly enough, becomes a classic expression of ego vs spirit. It is in the resolution of that conflict that becomes an expression of spiritual growth.

To resolve this, we have to overcome the false beliefs we have picked up along the way and settle with life’s truths being what they are ... not what we want them to be.

“We” all go through this. It’s normal, not fun, but normal.

“We” judge ourselves in a vain attempt to support pre existing conditions set out in the false beliefs we learned and were passed to us by toxic significant others in our lives. These hand me downs are sometimes referred to as “my” truths. Most often as naught, the truths that we are depending on and calling true are not even close to being true.

One of life’s conundrums is our outer world has to be in balance with our inner world. When it’s not, we have to bring things into balance; by bringing my inner world into line with my outer world. The easiest way to do this is to drag down my outer world to match my feelings about my inner world. Doing this explains why we feel so terrible about ourselves. So if we blow it in some way we have the reason for those crappy feelings in the here and now, rather than looking into hurts and pains of my childhood abandonment issues.

The false believes were passed on to us by those who were caught in the same situation we are and who had no idea what to do with it other than give it to someone else and hope that they can solve the problem.

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