Friday, April 15, 2011

Cosmic Consciousness Is A Place In Our Beingness

Cosmic Consciousness is a place in our beingness; a state of our consciousness where we come into spacious contact and awareness with all that is.

It is a place we are all destined to arrive at theoretically.

Dr Richard Maurice Bucke one of the first people to take the time to observe this phenomenon and its after effects describes it as: “A consciousness of the cosmos, knowing the life and order of the universe. It is considered a higher, yet, at present, a rare and exceptional peak in human evolution which the race is expected to reach in a distant future.

Those of us who get there seemly get there by stumbling upon it. There are many who purport that they know how to get there, but really it is the hunt and peck system coupled with a lot of good luck that gets most people there. Then when we get there, we really have no idea what to do with it when we get there. This stumbling upon happens as we work on ourselves in the various modes of recovery. Then, sometimes, it happens.

There are those who have taken the time to notice, Bucke and Maslow and others noticed that there are prerequisites that need to be met before one can trip into this place in our consciousness. Going into this place in our consciousness is a result of our experience and our coming to know and understand ourselves at the deepest levels possible; then and only then will the door open to that place. The very process of recovery lays down the basic ground rules for meeting all the prerequisites for the door to open.

Bucke writes that we have to be “at the top of the layer of the world of self consciousness,” or put another way, we have to know ourselves inside and out and then be prepared to be perfectly honest about who we are and how we got to where we are, so we can heal.

The inner workings of any of the forms of recovery/spiritual movement are all about coming to terms with “Know Thy Self.”

I am That I Am

In My Heart I am Free

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