Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Most would say that Good is a positive. It is something to be looked forward to, it really does no harm, or so we think. It is something that we like. It lifts us up at times, makes us feel good or feel secure and gives us a sense of safety.

The Bad and the Ugly are things or situations etc that cost us or cause us pain. They take something away from us; they don’t allow us to have what we want or what we are entitled to or for that matter how we want it or where we want it.

The Bad and the Ugly stands between me and Good, or so I think.

All of this is very subjective, very experiential.

Now here is the question: how confident are you with your abilities to be able to discern what is indeed Good For You and conversely what falls under the umbrella of The Bad, The Ugly, or Evil ...?

What Are Your Experiences Struggling With This ...?

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