Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 On Seeing Simple Truths

3 On Seeing Simple Truths
Taken From Experience Has Taught Us 175 Missing Pieces
Published by Bright Star Press
Author Neil Douglas-Tubb
Available on Amazon.com

EXPERIENCE has taught us that the absolute importance of sorting through the truth of our real experiences is essential to our well-being (at all levels—mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). The loss of this truth to the mythology of our defensive delusions is almost always expressed, sooner or later, in some form of grave illness.

In order to become whole we must try, over a long period of time, often until death, to discover the truth of our history, a truth that may often cause pain before we reach past it to our freedom.

If we choose instead to content ourselves with an intellectual appreciation and understanding of this loss of truth, often referred to mistakenly as wisdom, we will remain lost in the sphere of delu¬sion and self-deception.

We Begin Our Journey To Awaken With A Single Step

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