Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Check List “B”

What Is It That I Do

That Keeps Me Stuck In The Rut

That I Say I Want Out Of

Check List “B”

The Compliance Patterns

• I assume responsibility for other’s feelings and behaviours.

• I feel guilty about other people’s feelings and behaviours.

• I have difficulty identifying what I am actually feeling.

• I am afraid of my anger. But sometimes it erupts from me in Rage.

• I worry about how others may respond to my feelings, my opinions and/or my behaviour.

• I have difficulty making decisions.

• I minimize my feelings or my circumstances so I can alter, or deny how I truly feel.

• I am very sensitive to how others are feeling and I can feel their feelings and sometimes I take on their feelings as my own.

• I am afraid to express differing opinions or feelings.

• I value the opinions of others and their feelings over my own.

• I put the needs of others before mine.

• I am embarrassed to receive recognition and praise or gifts.

• I judge everything that I think, say or do very harshly, and nothing is really good enough. I am a perfectionist.

• I am extremely loyal, to a fault. I will stay in situations far too long and often I am hurt because I do.

• I would never really consider asking others for help, or to have my needs met.

• I consider myself as a lovable and a worthwhile person.

• I compromise my own values and my integrity to avoid rejection or someone else’s anger or perceived rage.

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