Monday, July 5, 2010

There was a Wise Old Man

There was a wise old man who lived on a mountain top some place in the hinterlands. Some place very obscure. His home is a small stone hut, with an old wooden tucket sitting on the front veranda.
This old gentleman would sit inside his humble home and meditate, sometimes for days at a time. He called this Communing with his Maker.

Then he would come out and sit for a day or two on his tucket and wait. He would hold dharma. People from the surrounding valleys and mountain tops would come from miles around just to hear him speak of his experience with his Maker. Now he would speak of his experience.

He always spoke in a soft and gentle voice, he said:

“Within the makeup of Spirit lies a lattice work of Joy, Happiness, Freedom and Perfection. This lattice work extends through time, deep into your past and forward into your very distant future. It actually has no boundary as far as time is concerned. Time is more it’s instrument. There is no real sense of time within those markers of Joy, Happiness, Freedom and Perfection. Spirit is beyond time.

Joy, Happiness, Freedom and Perfection ... Just Are

This is why your every moment is exactly as it is, exactly the way it is supposed to be, an expression of the perfection of the Creation. Your every moment is your observation of that expression of Perfection by the Creator. Most, if not all may disagree at times about the perfection of it all, but that is the Way of Things. The Way of Things is far beyond our ability to imagine. Imagine that, something that is far larger than we can possibly imagine.

Spirit brings a state of mind that is completely aware of the present moment. It knows just how full every moment really is. We humans really have no idea ... but Spirit does and by the Grace of the Creator we are all a part of All That Is.

As Spirit settles over you; as you allow it to become one with you; you will notice there is an accompanying feeling that all is well in this moment. Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be.

Spirit coupled with your awakened awareness allows gratitude to emerge from the awakening soul of your beingness. That gratitude will emerge in direct proportion to your acceptance of The Way of Things being what they are.

This state of awakened beingness encourages The Appearance Of Miracles in your world. That is what is meant when it is said that all power lay in the present moment, because it is here in the present moment where life is fullest.

This is your gift ... from your Creator... to you ... You need to come to terms with it.”

When he was through, he would offer all who came tea and sweets. When all were satisfied he would then disappear back inside his stone hut leaving them all to ponder what exactly it was that he had said. Some would linger for several hours. Then they would drift away. He always left them to ponder. After all, it was their life to live and their moment to appreciate. Sometimes he would smile.

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