Thursday, July 15, 2010

Imagine That ... Wisdom Is Acquired

As people begin to notice that they had never fully met or come to know themselves or learned how to deal with their feelings or for that matter how to deal with their own immortality (because the set and various subsets of their life skills [they inherited] don’t work), they begin to suspect something is missing in their lives.

What most find out about themselves as they begin to investigate into what seems to be missing, is that who and what they think they are had always been encouraged to withdraw from their feelings, particularly those that are predetermined to be unpleasant or painful and thus labeled as bad or wrong. Blanket Coverage! The great unknown in this whole matter is held in the feelings that are being avoided ... they hold the secret to life’s deeper meaning, flavour and texture.

What they discovered about themselves was that the very thought of unpleasant now acted as gate keeper or keeper of the keys¾they have become their own jailer.

In their attempts to avoid: avoid fear; avoid feelings; avoid life; avoid pain ... they begin to notice that they need to avoid what was predetermined to be unpleasant is now locking the door to their future. They can’t be safe and at the same time have the life they say they want to have. Life is risk taking.

Life’s task at this point seems to be to move past the predetermined fear structure learned in early years and move out into the world and have the life we were intended to have.

Imagine That:

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  1. very timely ... neil

    how come that mask was not available to me last week? .. not that i would have chosen it .. as you know inside it is not all that peaceful as the mask suggests.