Friday, July 9, 2010

Open to Creativity --- Part two ---Necessities that Enhance the Process

Having An Internal Locus of Evaluation: I have to know who I am ... where I am going ... How I am planning on getting there ... be comfortable with all that and understand that it is ok to be wrong in my basic assumptions ... all at the same time ... I have to be comfortable being me ...

My creativity is not the measure of who and what I am established by the praise or criticism I receive from others or by my material well being or lack of it. It is the business of me being comfortable with me, not what I do or who I seem to be, but rather ... just with me being me.

This does not mean that I am oblivious to the insights of others, their judgements and or observations of me, I’m not, but the final evaluation on who and what I am lay in my own hands ... in my own orgasmic reaction to, and appraisal of, my creation, and for that matter Creation itself. It is right when it feels Satisfying and Authentic.

Having The Ability to Toy with the Elements and Concepts I am considering is the need for me to play spontaneously with the ideas, the colours, the shapes, the sizes, the relationships of the elements, people or situations I am working with. To be able to juggle elements into juxtapositions, to be able to shape wild and odd concepts and hypotheses, to take the given as problematic, to be able to comfortably express the ridiculous, to transform opposites into improbable but logical equivalents. It is from this spontaneous toying and exploration ... sometimes called play ... that a hunch arises and as that hunch moves more into consciousness it becomes a vision of what could-be and what could-be can become what is and as it does ... that is the product of creativity...

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