Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fearfulness is An Idea

Fearfulness is an idea and so are you. In perception, everything you experience is an idea.

As you begin to explore your life, it is important to free yourself from the ideas that burden you or inhibit you. There is no right way to free yourself, but in every case the first step is to be willing to look clearly at your perception of how you think things are.

When you can honestly see the effect of a habit, substance or concept, you can offer to the universe your willingness to eliminate it from your life.

Some have used the words "addiction, obsession or compulsion" to describe something their ego believes it must have or do, in order to survive.

This is a useful concept to understand. It applies not only to the physical substances but to behaviours, things, people and beliefs.

All addictions, obsessions or compulsions are imprisoning. It must be remembered that it is not the thing itself that binds you, but your belief in IT and your ego believes that IT is necessary for you to have so you can continue on in life’s journey.

When you attempt to overcome an addiction or obsession or compulsion through sacrifice, by only giving up the thing while retaining the belief that IT is a necessity for you to have faith in to do for you what it has always done, you are not free.

Freedom is attained when you become willing to accept that the thing itself is unnecessary, and your faith in IT is released and turned back into the universe to find ITs way home. At the same time you become willing to search out a thing called spiritual and become involved.

If you are willing to be free, then the Pattern you are living, working in conjunction with a Higher Power, will reveal freedom to you. IT may come in strange ways from places you would least expect it, but it will be shown to you. IT will be yours to act on and you will know what to do and how to do IT, probably even where to do IT; when to do IT is always left up to you. You may not like what is revealed but there IT will be staring back at you waiting for you to do something with IT.

An imprisoning idea is any idea that inhibits your enjoyment of your abundance and or the expression of your creativity or the full experience of God's joy.

Your abundance or the expression of your creativity or the full experience of God’s joy may seem different, but their effect is the same.

Experience Has Taught Me That

Sooner or Later

I will have to deal with the concept that:

“IT Is Waiting For Me

To Do Something With IT.”

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