Friday, July 9, 2010

Open to Creativity --- Part Three --- The External Elements That Come Into Play Too

Externally all we need is two very basic concepts to be in place for us to play with creativity.

Psychological safety: this is a place in my mind where I feel accepted, I have a sense of unconditional worth ... There is no external evaluation ... basically no criticism ... but what there is present is an empathic understanding by those who surround me of what I am trying to accomplish. I don’t have to live with the fear of the Judge peering over my shoulder making sure I am getting everything right their way no mine.

Psychological Freedom: is fostered when I am permitted complete freedom of my symbolic expression. What I have come to learn is that this freedom allows me to think, to feel, to dream, wish and want the way I do; to be whatever is most true for me. This should not be confused with permissiveness, which is soft and indulgent; this freedom is permission to be free. I don’t need anyone’s approval ... which in actual fact is permission for the me to be responsible for what I do, how I do it etc ... under this umbrella of freedom(s) is also the freedoms for me to be wrong or afraid or to feel confused or not know.

There is a hook that goes with this; because these concepts are not limited to one’s work place but instead to all the situations that life provides, then to foster such beliefs in your surroundings, in your life style is fostering a way of thinking that provides and promotes the constructive aspects of creative breakthrough thinking for all.

Rising Above

The Conditional


Restrictive Thinking

Of Our Early Childhood

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