Saturday, March 20, 2010

There is a Door

There is a mythical door that EXITS this universe that my consciousness seems to be focused in.

This door does not appear at the end of some hallway or corridor of my mind, but in the great hall of my awareness. It is in the very center of that enormous place. For me it is a regular door, wooden with a large gold knocker on it.

Now the odd thing is this door is always facing me. No matter where I am in my consciousness, this closed door in the center of the great hall is facing me.

I really never noticed this before because I have been too busy working out my life and existence. It seems that I had to really slow down enough just to notice it there waiting for me.

So I will wonder aloud, I wonder if my "terrible dailyness" is a way that I use not to have to face the presence of this door and its passage to places and parts unknown.

There seems to be a complicity or a willingness on my end not to grow, not to know, not to notice, to stay stagnate and the same. This doorway now invites me to grow, and to know, but in doing so, I am afraid that I will have to give up all that I am familiar with. But I "now" know that I will not have to give up all that I know.

The key phrase here seems to be “I am afraid.” So having admitted that, I can look for the proof that I can venture through this door and not be torn to shreds.

Here is the proof, this door to the greater me is within me, not outside of me, and I now know that it will lead me to a greater understanding of who I am.

I also know that I will have to leave behind those things and people that I cling to for my false sense of security that I think I so desperately need.

So I can go through that door at any time IF; I want to make the journey, and I know that; the doorway has patience enough to wait out my fears, after all it has eternity on its side; but It will not give up its secrets unless I give over my resistance.



  1. Hi Neil,

    Your new blog is looking good. Hmmmm...what is that door about anyway? Does is lead to only one place or experience or is it different each time we open in and go through. Do we regularly go through and just forget?

    When I was taught to do shamanic journeying there was always a red plank door, with a curved top that lead to the other worlds. The door is always there but the experience was different each time.

    Do we all have a door?

    Love to you on this journey,

  2. Just to clarify: The instructor teaching shamanic journeying said that there would be a door. Mine just happened to be red,plank and rounded at the top.

    Smiles, M

  3. I have a model someone made me of the Door from about 1998 ... oddily enough it is a Red planked door with a rounded top ... many have reported this ... mine is simply wooden with a large knocker on it ... sitting there looking back at me and waiting ..