Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On the Subjects of Open-Mindedness and Acceptance

The following passage came from a client's journaling experience ... Carol (CD)is somewhere in either Mexico or Southern California last I heard and having the time of her life ... in her travel home called "Ruby". Her story is really quite incredible and maybe someday she'll tell it ...

I extracted this from my Book Zen and the Art of the 5 Prinicples of the Journey ...

The photo is not of Carol (CD) ... just another free spirit like Carol ... somewhere in the south of France.

How much more compassion, understanding and joy would exist in our world if open-mindedness and acceptance would replace narrow-mindedness and fear.

So much is overlooked, so many opportunities lost by limiting one’s interaction with those perceived as different, unimportant, inferior or unworthy, as well as those seen as better than, superior, or untouchable.

Three steps to missing the boat when it comes to expanding horizons, improving interactions and communication and gaining knowledge and insight are:


Both the judge and the judged suffer loss as a result of this behaviour.
One need not agree with another’s views.

However, one must practice acceptance.

Our World is multi-facetted. The inhabitants must be versatile. Remaining enclosed within a circle of likeminded peers is choosing to place limitations upon oneself. These limitations amount to insecurity, ignorance and fear; so very much more is made available with open-mindedness and acceptance. C.D.


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