Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Second Awakening

The Second Awakening comes when the Ego emerges from its long sleep of Knowingness and dependency on itself solely for guidance. 

This is a much deeper and a more profound spiritual event. 

For this event to happen in any significant fashion the spiritual travelers must be willing to let go of what they think they know¾ego function, dependency needs etc¾and begin to trust in what they cannot see or for that matter what they probably do not readily relate to.

·       Having faith in

Faith has strange mystical qualities to it that aren’t readily noticeable at first. 


·       cannot think for itself:

·       does not have a consciousness.

·       will do what it does and where it is directed to do it, by it’s beholder. 

·       will do whatever it is directed to do faithfully; after all, that is its job. 

·       is blind.

So this business of having faith is as much a matter of where you place it, as it is a matter of having some.

If you have faith in something unreal or something unhealthy, then you will feed the unreality or the lack of health and your faith will actually turn into a vehicle that works against your process of awakening while you appear to be making every effort to awaken. 

·       Faith in something must be examined with great regularity.  Just what the frequency of regularity is, will determine your future more so then having faith in the first place. 

·       Note: as you examine this newfound faith you may notice your own self-centered motives at play under the thinly veiled guise of faith and spirituality. Creative selfishness.

·       The knack to the whole thing is to have some faith and then take direction from the experience of risking having that faith in the first place.  Then applying the wisdom and understanding gleaned from the risk taking and applying that into your next moment.

·       Then be prepared to either make change happen, or accept change as it happens to you.

This is difficult, because the factors that the Ego used to make judgment calls about life and change are now absent. 

·       Faith doesn’t have fear, hate, distrust, like, or dislike.  In fact those feelings hinder the process of faith. 

Opening the second eye is a more profound event.  It requires something pro-active to happen.  It requires an exchange between the seeker and the universe.  The exchange happens on the path (and only on the path) as the seeker surrenders into the greater unknown. This always equates to surrender into the fear.  It probably isn’t but that is what it equates too.

Fear is defined in the Course in Miracles as the absence of Love¾with capital L¾ and it is a given in this business that it is far easier to hang on to what I know then it is to face the demons that hold me fast and frozen in my place. 

For those who decide to face their demons, the decision to surrender is for life.  This decision will affect everything you do, touch, say and think. 

Again it is a given that the vast majority of people who say they want to change are simply too terrified of change to make change happen. 

Decisions have to be made. 

·       Do I stay? 

·       Do I go on ahead? 

·       What is it that I must do?

Know This

You came to this world singularly and unclothed. That is your path. The others that you encounter are here on the path with you and are on the same journey but they can only serve as guideposts for you, and they can only provide you the opportunity to find your own blind spots, that's all. 

There is a vast world of difference between solitude and loneliness and that is your discovery to make.

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