Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maybe This Is Not For Me? Thoughts on Step Five and Six

If this thought has not scampered across your mind yet, it just might shortly … all this thinking and all this writing … some of this stuff might just seem surrealistic or even scary.

Maybe it’s not for me?

That’s just your mind rationalizing and attempting to set up blocks to pain it anticipates … it knows it is right up there just waiting to jump out at you and hurt you all over again.

The truth of the matter is that this pain that we are attempting to rationalize our way around is really right out there in front of us … forming all our fears ... actually … it acts like a traffic cop, trying to organize how you think and how you should act and where we could go, who we could do it with and what to do when things become too much for us to handle, or so we sometimes think.

Sort of like, here … think me, I’m your worse fear … think me … I’m real …now do this … it doesn’t matter … this is all that will work … think me … I’m real… do this now or die.

The fear simply just sits there … waiting for us to make a move, but in this step our job is just to sit there and stare back … and notice, that’s all … notice and admit … but mainly notice … notice what it is that has held you prisoner all these years.

There will be many times during this process when you will feel anxious and afraid … and you may end up wondering what to do next.

Well … what to do next is simple … just follow the directions given in the step … with another person … that you trust … in the presence of what you have come to believe is your Higher Power … just examine and reveal … that’s all … just examine and reveal … Uncover … Discover … Discard

Know the feeling?

Action is the Key Word here.

Simply get on with it and do it.

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