Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thirteenth Principle Expanded

The respect of and for your team, your partners (Life and Business) is more important than all the laurels the world can provide.

Don't put limitations on yourself.
Don’t think yourself into a place that stops you before you start.

Stay Away From “I Can’t.”
It doesn’t work all that Well.

Learn to speak your Feelings as they are.

Know this:
Being Nice is Not a Nice Thing to do, especially when you do it to yourself.

Others will put limitations on you.
They will drop their trash, their opinions on you.

Don’t take it personally
And more importantly: don't do it to yourself.

Remember This:
Your best Thinking may not be your best Friend.
Don't bet against you before you start.
Learn to speak up and speak out.
Not your opinions ... your feelings

1 comment:

  1. I see the door is beginning to open my dear friend, revealing the real me. As I begin to take more risks about me being me, being vulnerable, I feel empowered by knowing I am in this life, with another, to co-create....

    Looking forward to your next post.