Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Think My Life is a Puzzle

I think my life is a puzzle … not a chess game as I once thought … but simply a puzzle.

And I have to wonder aloud at times, “Are there pieces missing” … “is this a deck of 51?”

Thus far in my experience … if I were being honest about things … I have noticed that this puzzle is only partially completed … there really is not enough of it put together yet to really recognize what the message or the picture is … oh I can make out form … and a few things that leads me to believe that I understand … but I suspect that is my ego at work appearing to do something for me that is really beyond me for the moment.

I can’t seem to comprehend it completely … oh I can grasp the idea … I think … but the overall message seems to slide right past me …

Now it seems to be that if I can just get a few of these loose pieces into someplace in the puzzle … actually at this point anyplace is a better place to be … then my life will finally work for me the way I want it too … Round Pegs, Square Holes, Large Mallets?

Then something that I notice begins to bother me to no end … as I begin to notice what the puzzle is saying to me … the puzzle changes … right there before my eyes … it changes and I am back to not understanding … yet again …

“Is this Eternity?”... And ... “Am I rolling rocks uphill forever?”

As I look back on my life’s journey … from age 62 … try it from where ever you are … have a look and write down what you see … I can honestly say that no matter how hard I strived to get to a place call “Having Everything the way I wanted,” I never made it.

On the other hand, I have noticed that during the course of doing life that Everything is Exactly the Way It is Supposed to be but … and this is the big one … Most of it does not agree with me most of the time … But Who Said It Was Supposed to Besides Me?

So again I have to wonder aloud “is it as important that I complete the journey my way and get my prize … the one I think I want or deserve … or is it more important for me to simply begin to do the journey as it unfolds?

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