Wednesday, September 15, 2010

There's Many Ways to be a Pioneer

How about some of those unsung heroes of the past. Like that prehistoric gourmet who looked at a lobster and said, "I'm gonna’ eat that." Or the first healer who picked up a knife and said, "Let's operate, boys."

It seems to me that adventures come in all shapes and sizes. Anytime a woman goes to a hairdresser, I think, is on par with Columbus setting off over the horizon for the first time. There is not a clear idea what the result will be. Or, how about any time you fall in love. Talk about not knowing what’s over the next hill.

We live it every day. For God's sake, even getting behind the wheel and backing out of the driveway can be a sublime act of faith, as well as a monumental act of courage. This yearning for adventure must be innate in the human psyche.

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