Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Momentum of Co-creation

There are things that are hard to move past, hard to see past ... hard to let go of ... that much I know is true.

But it is also true that your sense of self is a major contributing factor to this world being here and being the place it seems to be. That is a very important concept. Most don’t ever consider that as a fact, but it is. For all intents and purposes your world, and my world seem coherent ... it seems to adhere to the Way of Things ... at least as you and I understand them.

This phenomenon called life that you and I share with all the rest of the lost and wandering souls on the face of this planet has some interesting twists and turns tucked away in it.

Here is one. However we view it, there are the avenues that if we invest our belief(s) and faith in ... that force begins the momentum of co-creation ... most never realize that. So this place and the way we think it is, is a result of how we think it is, stop and think about that for a moment, because if you notice then how you think can be profound. Then the fact of the Way of Things is that life is exactly the way it is supposed to be, just how we all thought it up to be.

Next! This place where we live is a perfectly balanced place ... very often it is precariously balanced ... but perfectly balanced none the less. Don’t confuse that with Healthy by the way. We as travellers on the good ship Earth have set it so. This Precariousness of Life is something that is a reflection of our opposition to both the Creation ... and the Creator.

After all, what the heck would he or she know about anything that affects us down here on this speck of star dust in the Milky Way ...

The opposition to how things are and the Way of Things starts with just one thought ... now the oddity of the situation is ... so does The Awakening, which is the alignment with the Way of Things. Just one thought but in a different direction. As I come out of my trance-like sleep and see what lay before me ... I see life ... I see death ... I see happy and I see pain ... I see suffering ... both justice and injustice and I see opulence ... I see so many things that at first it is hard to keep my eyes open. Then my eyes accustom themselves to all that is and I see the grandeur in the process of God’s Law and at the same time, the flaws of Man’s Law. And I begin my journey toward God’s Law and the Way of Things ... away from my ego and toward my spirit.

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