Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Feeling Like You Are In Charge Of Life

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Feeling like you’re on top of things, having that sense that you are actually in charge of your destiny is never easy, and sometimes it is a painful thing to even consider attempting to do.

So, in the long run, our experiences will and do add up to a sense of self and if taken properly, processed and appreciated, then this experienced and appreciated process can morph into a way of thinking and being that can best be called the mastery of self.

This is a complex thing to accomplish, for some seemingly impossible. Doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be attempted, all that it means is that it seems to be next to impossible to do. It is the melding of two very different places in our consciousness into a healthy blending and ratio of deeper appreciation and understanding of the Way of Things.

The sense of being in charge seems to be influenced directly by the sense of and the degree of or intensity of one’s participation with life. Not how creatively we can hide, but rather how willing we are to participate with how life is.

There is a difference between being in charge and being in control.

  • Control is the utilization of the maximum method(s) necessary of making sure everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be according to me (my egotistical self) ... and that I am safe in my world... again according to me.

  •  Where as being in charge is me having the confidence, the courage and the ability to cope with life on life’s terms without having to surrender my sense of self.
 Being in charge lets you decide what you want to do with life as it presents itself, where as control demands you follow learned patterns that you hope will save you from a world you thought would destroy you...


  1. How come I am the only one who comments on these Neil? .. and this story sounds awfully familiar.

  2. looking forward to your next post Neil!!

    keep them coming... you have some fellow travellers keeping track.