Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On the Way of Things

Spiritual Intelligence: It is what we use to address, resolve and solve our problems ... It gives meaning and true value to the things and circumstances in our lives ... Under it all it answers the question, Why. It is the device we use to place our lives and actions, ours thoughts, wishes, wants and desires into the greater context of life. What is Real For Me.

How do we know it is operating in our lives? There are qualities that will be at work in our lives ... with no hidden agenda!

Compassion, truthfulness, and respect for all levels of life... constructive empathy, generosity of spirit, trust, having a sense of being a part of and a player in something that is far larger than any of us could possibly imagine, there is a sense of being in tune with ... or in synch with ... The Greater Way of Things ... being comfortable with the company you keep when alone and at the same time not being lost in the sense of loneliness that is sometimes confused with solitude ...

The Qualities of Spiritual Intelligence:

The capacity for transcendence ... they are able to go beyond what is usually seen as normal and do what needs to be done and that often times takes the individual well past what most would consider as “more than enough” ... Having a heighten sense of awareness ... not hyper-vigilance ... just a greater sense of what is going on around them in the world. There is a deep understanding that every day is sacred ... It’s God’s Gift. People who display these qualities treat every problem as a Spiritual Problem and they know that every answer is a Spiritual Answer.

They behave in a fashion that is honourable ... they know not to embarrass God by their actions. They have a conscious awareness of self and others ... they know where they begin and end. They display wisdom, often beyond their years. They have the capacity to hear and practice listening; those two items are different, they may sound similar but they are miles apart.

They can face their legitimate suffering and grow through it rather than make major efforts to avoid or evade it or be stopped in their tracks by it. Melodrama is not the focus of their life ... there is no outside justification for their feelings and emotional state. They are able to follow through with commitment(s) and, this is important, clearly demonstrate dedication.

They are able to ask difficult questions when they need to be asked and not shy away because of fear.

They are reluctant to cause unnecessary harm to themselves, their friends or family or for that matter ... to the world.

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  1. Every day I practice being more conscious in the world I create, noticing there are many options for me to choose from and by being able to choose which option, satisfies my need for freedom.