Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Dreaming Mind

The Four Agreements are an introduction to living life with awareness and choice to lead a person into happiness and deeper love.

It is a practical spiritual road map to undoing the layers of fear, suffering and pain we may be experiencing in our lives so that the natural expression of life happens effortlessly which we then experience as pleasure and love for life.

The Four Agreements

• Be Impeccable with your word

• Don’t take anything personally

• Don’t make assumptions

• Always do your best

These are simple steps to begin the path to personal freedom and happiness. While the steps are simple, the application of these steps can be challenging to master in our daily life.

This is when working with a Teacher can be beneficial to going deeper on your own path of personal growth.

ndt don Miguel Ruiz wrote a series of books that are simple but very to the point ... the base prinicipals are listed in the Four Agreements


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