Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On Being A Traveler

Travelers are people who prefer not to go to war ... in any of its many forms. Be that in their home with their family or on the battlefield with armed foes or simply driving through traffic behind some guy with his turn signal on for five blocks. Rather they are people who are devoted to the concept of Making Peace More Vivid.

They find their sense of honour and self respect in the traditional virtues of loyalty, integrity, dignity, courtesy, courage, prudence and benevolence.

They pursue Mastery of Self through will, patience, diligent practice and spiritual undertaking. They work not at being a perfectionist but rather work at perfecting themselves in their ways of doing life. This is not about Appearing this is simply about Doing ...

Their journey is not a means to an end but rather it is done because it needs to be done ... only for its own sake. These people are risk takers ... calculated risks ... done so they will be able to realize their own potential. They are fully accountable for their actions ... pro and con. They seek inner freedom ... to be able to have choice and then make choices...

They take the time to study esthetics, culture, and the wisdom of the ages. Their aim is to achieve a sense of direction and purpose that is not curtailed by fear.

They are people who respect and value the human as an individual and the entire web of life on this planet. These people practice Service. As they do they will come to realize that service is of the highest good. To freely give and accept nourishment from life is the spiritual traveler’s single most profound challenge.

They hold the spiritual realm in high regard. They cherish their life and conduct their affairs in such a manner that they are prepared to meet their maker at any moment. In this light, they are able to view all complaints, regrets, and moods of melancholy as simply indulgences.

Travelers realize that being a modern spiritual seeker is not about winning or losing. It is about putting one’s life and beliefs on the line. It means risking and failing, then picking yourself up and risking again ... for as long as you live.

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  1. I am starting to read your blog, hope to see a new one every day.