Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dragging Home The Invisible Bone Part One

Dragging Home The Invisible Bone
The expression of any form of creativity opens the closets and the dustbins of the mind and begins the process of airing out the cobwebs.  The process of being creative seems to be the process that as an aside brings healing. It does not seem to matter what is being created just that the process of creation seems to hold part of the secret of healing.  Perhaps it is the deeper sense of being connected to a part of you that is connected to all that is, or perhaps it is just you getting past how you think for a short space in time.
There are certain truths that apply to all situations and one important one is; that before a wound can heal it must be seen. It needs to be exposed to the light of day.  The act of exposing the wound to air and light of day is often as not a function of the inner drive of the creative soul trying to shed itself of something it never wanted nor was intended to have. 
Why, because for most of us, these deep seated inner processes are bound up by shame, a shame that was acquired early on in life when no one noticed us or our efforts or our own particular expressions of creativity.  They noticed what we did not do, not what we did.  Our parents, our peers and our teachers became our prime sense of shame.  Just think back and I am sure that you, just like me, can find a significant shaming event that slowed or stopped your creative energies. 
Know this: the soul does not want the burden of the shame, but the ego is afraid of the pain that may be involved in processing the shame.  Second: it can be counter-productive to force things into our way of doing things against these deep-seated inner processes of shame.  Third: when you are depending on just you and just your resources for guidance through all this, know this: you are in serious trouble.

Round Pegs[1]

Square Holes

Larger mallets

Simply Don’t Work

[1] EHTU – 175 #66

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