Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Secrets, Melodrama And Misdirection Are Our Livelihood
Secrets and Melodrama are our livelihood, they are our stock and trade. We are good at manufacturing them and we are good at keeping them and we are good at misdirecting others away from the truth so the truth won’t be noticed and so we can safeguard our own little world.  We are good at demanding that others adhere to our need for them to keep our secrets, because we know that without them keeping our secrets none of the melodrama that we believe we so desperately need would exist … really. 
Secrets, Melodrama And Misdirection Are Almost Like Substance That We Abuse.
All this need for secrecy and melodrama is fostered by our sense of low-esteem.  Secrecy and melodrama is the evidence that we are not in denial that we are, in fact, in delusion
Denial is said to be a place in our consciousness where we know what the truth is and we simply won’t admit it out loud to anyone.  Whereas: delusion is a place in our consciousness where we really believe our own melodrama …it’s real as far as we are concerned …thus the need for secrecy and melodrama. 
It Is A Form Of Denial We Really Believe.
We hide behind our phoniness, our social images, our bodily images and we hope against hope that we really can beguile people into believing our fantasy as real. 
It follows that the basis for most if not all of our relationships is:
I’ll believe you are who you think you are, if you believe I am who it is that I think, say and act that I am. 
Unfortunately the truth of the matter is that we only fool and trick ourselves, and the intrinsic problem seemingly lost in this is, we can only do that trick and fool thing for short periods in time before we begin to do serious damage to ourselves..  The only ones who are seemingly deceived by our antics are those who have a vested interest in not being found out for themselves; not being found out so their world maintains the impression … delusion … of being safe … for them, and they are in the role they say they are and thus feel safe.  That does not mean safe by the way, the key word phrase in that sentence is Feels Safe.
You see the problem don’t you?
They have it too!
Oh yes, it may seem to take another form, it may seem to be socially acceptable … but they have it too.  They are part of the greater whole just like you and I. This becomes problematic by its very nature, why … because they are not about to admit that they have it too, to either themselves or anyone else.  No one wants to admit to having a problem that shames him or her. Thus the best way not to have one is to simply ignore it or soldier gather with people who are willing to agree that everyone is fine within the system created by that group, or willing to agree that someone else has the problem or is causing it … but it all boils down to The Sky Is Falling as per Chicken Little. 

The Great Producers of Melodrama in my life are:

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