Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rationalization Selflessness Internal Emptiness.

Rationalization is the biggest defense against guilt, shame and self reproach. That is, we make up excuses and surrender our responsibility for our actions.

Selflessness, the process of always putting others first before selves. It is another way of avoiding guilt.
Internal emptiness is caused by avoiding guilt.
Other behaviours that can ensure guilt is either experienced or felt are:
 obsessive/compulsive behaviour(s), fear and anxiety, paranoid thinking, seeking excessive punishment and intellectualization.
Shame and Guilt affect the individual whenever he realizes what he is doing and what he is doing is wrong or inappropriate. He feels shame, humiliation and anxiety. This is known as the shame/guilt spiral. To escape these feelings of shame, guilt and self-reproach, people will seek comfort in their favourite form of remedy that they know.

The only way to stop the spiral of shame and guilt is to embrace feelings and abstain from the process and the consequences of the process.

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