Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Zen and the Art of Pleasurable

Zen and the Art of Pleasurable
When our mind is in a place called pleasurable, life is pleasant. We all know this to be true. Pleasurable is a place in our mind’s eye when and where we don’t see ourselves longing for much.  Those things that we are longing for are well within our reach.
Most often we don’t notice our greediness ... our greed for things like self awareness and happiness, enlightenment or higher states of consciousness, or for that matter, recovery ... but it is greed none the less. It is our bondage and slavery to the Need for Greed that takes us into our states of pain.  It is our insatiable desire to have things other than how they are. 
It is a given in this business that Hellish Experiences are often the most productive in our self development. Why? ... Well if you are daring enough just to sit there in a hellish situation and do nothing to escape it. Then relax into the moment, into the feelings. Just be there. It is then that you might notice the forces that pull you away from being Fully Present in the Here and Now.
Hell is actually the resistance we muster to protect us from a situation We Think will destroy us. It is the deeper nature of our suffering.
If we can accept hell for what it is, it stops being hell.
“Hell Is Non Acceptance”
Everything Is Exactly the Way It Is Supposed To Be
Sometimes That Is Hard to See
“And Acceptance Is the Key To My Serenity[1]

Neil Tubb (RCC)
Into the Light


[1]     1      AA’s Big Book.

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