Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Zen and the Art of Listening

The concept of God and Listening to What He Has to Say! 
If you are going to ask you should listen.  
It is the only polite thing to do. 
In our endeavor to understand reality, not our reality but reality as it actually is, we are caught in a conundrum of being stuck within the system we are trying to study.  It is somewhat akin to man trying to understand the mechanism of a closed watch. 
We can see the face and the moving hands, we can even hear the ticking, but our problem is we have no way of opening the case to see the inner workings of the mechanism.  We have to go on faith that it works and it does so in our best interests.

If we are ingenious, we can form some picture or working model of a mechanism that for us explains what it is that we think we are observing. The problem with this model we developed is, we can never be absolutely sure that this model we now have is the only model that explains what we are observing.

Neil Tubb (RCC)
Into the Light 
Co Dependency a Healing Journey

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  1. Actually, I think we can be pretty sure that it isn't the only model that explains what we are observing.