Thursday, May 12, 2016

38 On Appreciating - The Simple Truth of the Matter

38  On Appreciating - The Simple Truth of the Matter

EXPERIENCE has taught us that the processes of healing and recovery have some very predictable need to’s that must be addressed if we are to get on with our journey of searching out the self. 
First, there is a great difference between I want to and I need to.  The vast majority of us tend to lean on the side of I want to simply out of inherent laziness.  We tend to stay in this place of laziness until our lives become so unmanageable, so painful, that we’ll do anything, even the need to’s to get away from the discomfort.
Need to’s have to be done sooner or later.  They are what the mature adult in us will do to get on with having the life we want to have.  The want to’s, on the other hand, are what the lost child in us will want to do most of the time. 
This expression of a supposed need versus a supposed want is deeply rooted in infantile dependency needs. 

It Is Very Much A Primal Force.
Neil Douglas-Tubb 
Experience Has Taught Us, 175 Missing Pieces