Tuesday, May 17, 2016

260 What Happened

 Zen and the Art of Lost and Found
Remember that it is not about who I am. But rather it is about what happened to me.
Emotions are worshiped like gods … we suppose they have power of their own … we worship them in a vain attempt to appease them … before they hurt us yet again … hoping against hope that they will return to that place from whence they came … never to come out into our lives and bother us again …
Throughout the course of our day or our relationship(s) or our life we are constantly vigilant … ready for the slightest indication that the sleeping giant might be stirring … will the volcano go off … to day … We rush to what we believe is an instant understanding of what it is that we think we just felt.  Did you hear all of the circular-feed-back-loops in that statement?
So we can think that we are safe …  safe from what?
What it is that happened to us many years ago … and in some instances lifetimes ago … sometimes changing its form so we don’t know what we are looking at …
I began to suspect that if I searched this out and release the pent-up energy I held about what it was that happened to me … that just maybe things might change for me …
Just maybe I was not what it was that I had always thought I was …

I really was not … not special

Neil Douglas-Tubb
Zen and the Art of Lost and Found

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